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Also what was finished?

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You are absolutely correct in that the law was good. And it is still good because it teaches us of our deficiencies.. Romans The law of Moses was unable to save us because of the weakness of our sinful nature. So God did what the law could not do. He sent his own Son in a body like the bodies we sinners have. Gord, the idea that living within Torah in this day and age means we should be offering animal sacrifices is a false notion, because according to the very Torah, the act of offering animal sacrifices is forbidden away the physical temple within Jerusalem.

The mitzvah was to be suspended during times of exile, and unnecessary when the temple was absent, since the main purpose of animal sacrifice, with the right heart state of course, was to cleanse the temple of sin for the dwelling presence. No physical temple, no need for temple cleansing, so no need for animal sacrifice. So right!..

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We follow them because we are saved.. Love him, and love our fellow man. The entire law is summed up in this.

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He does, however, worship God and, since God inspired Paul, who was the greatest of the apostles in terms of the amount of writings left to us, he does well to read and follow what Paul says. Very good comment, I have also seen and heard this and did it myself before God opened my eyes. It is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can do it. We are declared righteous while remaining in a sinning state — in which we are to live befitting a redeemed child of Him who adopted us.

Our joy and relief is that Christ declared us righteous, giving us the freedom to live pleasing to God, out of love and gratitude, without the cloud of sinless perfection hanging over us. Thus, offering forgiveness to us. Romans If we are in the Spirit, we will not be walking according to the flesh.

So loving your neighbour as yourself is actually fulfilling the law. What Law? That is the Moral law. And this principle of loving your neighbour as yourself was not just a NT phenomenon.


It lay at the heart of the OT law as well. It is the Moral law that identifies sin and where we fall short in fulfilling the law of love. But it is the grace of God, in changing us, that enables us to fulfill the law:. The New Covenant promise actually is to have the principles of the law now written in our hearts and minds:. Leslee, if that were so, why did God wait thousands of years to give us a solution. The laws, particularly the Ten Commandments, are the basis for almost every countries law, or they have been up until the last two-hundred years.

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God started giving laws almost from the end of the creation process, when He rested and sanctified the seventh day and made it holy. Then came the law that a man and a woman should unite as one flesh. The Ten Commandments are divided into two parts, the first four commandments are about our relationship with God, the last six commands are about our relationship with each other.

These commands were given to protect humanity, not given to demonstrate how impossible t was to keep the law. The change in the Levitical priesthood isi what Paul was talking about. The Levitical priesthood was added years after the exodus because of SIN! It says God Laws are not hard to keep accept the carnal mind is against cause righteousness. The servant is not above His master. Man must take up his own cross and go through the death of self by being obedient to the Holy Spirit unto death.

Man must give up his sins out of a true love for God above self. Whosoever refuses to do this is not worthy of Christ. Now man is prepared to go through the Baptism of Fire which is sanctification. Sin cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. This is the message of True salvation. Your logic is flawed. We are still bound by ceremonial law except Jesus the Christ is center. Remember he came to Fullfill the law to pay the price of our sin. He places himself as the perpetual sacrifice through the memorial of the Last Supper. What has changed in the ceremony is that the alter horns of the alter the washing bowl and the Arc of the Covenant all become one in the new alter but the.

Formality of the temple is maintained with Jesus as sacrifice and High protest while the believers are members of the priesthood with individual called out from the body to be keepers and tools of the High Priest to perform his will and commmands. Because we are now all of the nation of Israel through being born again in water and fire under the new covenant. I am in a lot of doubts and wondering. He has shown me so much. And that we follow him not because we have too, but because we want too.

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You have the right way of explaining it. Thank you. Peter had a dream in which he was told that nothing which was created by God was unclean, interpreted as, the foods which the Jews were told not to eat was seen as being OK to eat, in the New Testament. Some laws were created to set the Jewish people apart from the surrounding peoples.

Michael Peters dream wasnt about what food you could or could not eat. God was using food in the dream to teach Peter about the Gentiles. Peter himself interpreted his dream…that it rejected the Pharisaic idea that Gentiles, people, were unclean or common. God never told anyone to eat unclean animals… or that this law was abolished. The vision of the sheet from heaven is usually interpreted to mean that the dietary laws in the Torah have been revoked.

But this interpretation is not supported by the text. First, this interpretation contradicts earlier Scripture. We are left with Holy Scripture that hopelessly contradicts itself. The result of such thinking is that no Scripture is certain, and no mandate of God is definite. Though there is discussion of eating with Gentiles, there is no mention of eating unclean animals before or after the vision. Neither is that interpretation born out by the remainder of Acts, which continues to paint the believers as a Torah-observant sect of Judaism.

Paul reproved those who compelled the Gentiles in Acts and the Epistles to keep the ceremonial Law.

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Do you observe all the sacrifices? The idea that God would institute an unattainable standard and demand obedience to said standard is a premise that is fundamentally flawed. Jesus is the standard by which every man ever born will be judged. If man refuses to be like Him he will be rejected.

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Read the sermon on the Mount. It describes who will be allowed entrance into Heaven. They were given because they were Gods laws! There is no way our messiah done away with them. There are some of the laws that apply to preists, some to women, some can only be kept if there is a temple. Jesus said that you will know them by their fruits and by our love for one another John 17?

I will pray and I am sorry for such heartache for you. I agree with your choice of John for the first Gopel to read.